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Canto A Bachué - New Single & Animated Videoclip out now!

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

‘Canto a Bachué’ New Single & Videoclip out now!

‘Canto a Bachué’ (or Chant for Bachué) is Amaru Tribe's latest offering. A song accompanied by a magical animated video by Colombian multimedia artist ‘Melanconnie’, in collaboration with Katherine Gailer (Artistic Director).

Amaru Tribe: “Canto A Bachué' is inspired by an encounter with mythological **Muisca goddess Bachué. Together with Melanconnie, we created an animation that speaks to the audience about the power of nature and human relationship, through the medium of traditional songlines. By recognising the ancestral knowledge we have inherited, it allows us to reconnect and restore our connections with each other and the land on which we rely for our sustenance; We reconnect with mother earth.” ** Muisca: indigenous people from Colombia.

Listen here. YouTube Video link.

Illustration by: Katherine Gailer AKA Katira


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