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Sydney Sacred Music Festival - Concert 1- Online & Around Australia - SSMF 2021

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Date: SATURDAY AT 7 PM UTC+10 Online Streaming: Facebook Online Concert LINK. LINE UP 1. Lois Olney (Denmark WA)- songs of the stolen generation and reconnection to family and culture

2. inNexus (Bathurst and Armenia) - Regional NSW v Armenia - blending Liturgical singing with improvised Jazz

3. Tenzin Choegyal (Brisbane) - Grammy nominated Tibetan musician

4. Amaru Tribe Ft. Ethnologic Dance Co (Melbourne) - Folktronic Latin grooves

ABOUT Sydney Sacred Music Festival showcases music, ceremony and art that:

  1. creates new work that is cross cultural

  2. showcases the hidden gems in our many communities

  3. creates events in unique spaces

The Festival provides opportunities for the fantastic artists and traditions of our diverse communities and hopes to build its own community of open minded people who are interested in something larger than themselves.

Sacred Currents has been established as a non for profit organisation to guide the Festival into the future. We have assembled a talented Board to guide us.

The Festival was established by our Festival Director, Richard Petkovic (Cultural Arts Collective) in 2011. The Cultural Arts Collective continues to collaborate with artists and communities across artforms to create unique cultural content that provides a way forward for our diverse community.


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